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Children's Bible Classes

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Cradle Roll
From the very beginning it is important that children learn that they are loved; not only by parents, family and friends, but by God who created them. We have a wonderful group of ladies who lovingly care for these babes so the parents can attend class. They have lessons for these little ones teaching them about creation, Noah's ark and baby Jesus.
2 year olds
This is a wonderful stage of growth and a wonderful time to start teaching our children about God. This is also an excellent time for the children to begin learning about sharing with others and learning how to interact with other children and adults outside of their homes. This class has plenty of activities to keep them busy.
3-4 year olds
This group is our movers and groovers! Curiosity about things is also growing wild at this time. What a perfect time to teach them about God and Jesus. This is when they can start to truly learn Bible songs and stories. Crafts are also part of every class.    
K -1st graders
This is the time in the children's development that than can start understanding more detail. This is when the Bible stories start to have real meaning to them. What a great time to read to them, help them memorize simple Bible verses and sing praises with them. 
2nd-3rd graders
The children in this class can really start to understand the teachings of Jesus and other Biblical concepts. At this stage, they are reading more and more scripture in class and are being encouraged to memorize Bible verses. The kids in 3rd grade are included in our pre-teen devotionals that we have monthly. They are normally held at the church building on Sundays, following Bible class.
4th-5th graders
These boys and girls are starting to develop a faith that is their own. What a great time to continue to explore the Christian faith and what it means to seek God and eternal life. This age group is also beginning to be introduced to our youth group. We have pre-teen devotionals monthly for our 3rd - 5th graders.
Children's Bible Hour
Bible Hour is for our children from 3 year olds to 3rd graders. Bible Hour is held during the same months as the school year. Our children are welcome and even encouraged to be in our worship service. After the Lord's Supper is over, we dismiss the young children to attend Bible Hour in our fellowship hall. There is singing, praying, plays, skits, lessons and crafts for the kids. This is great for the kids and it allows the parents to focus on the message from the pulpit.

Bible Classroom Map

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