Adult Bible Classes

Adult Class 1 (Auditorium) - "10 Lies /10 Truths” - This class addresses 10 Lies we are being told about God and His word while answering with the truth from His Word. Taught by Darrell Hutson.

Adult Class 2 (Classroom 1) - “Hebrews" - Discussion class taught by Richard Howard.

Adult Class 3 (Brick House Garage) - “Telling Your Story” - How do you tell your story of salvation in Christ? We will explore in the Scriptures to learn how the early Christians shared their testimony of the Gospel and look at practical ways to share our story. Taught by Whit Pennock.

Adult Class 4 (Classroom 4) - “The Big Picture”- A chronological Bible study helps us to follow the grand narrative, helping to see how God’s word fits together with Jesus interwoven from the beginning. We see how we are a part of God’s plan from the very beginning.  Taught by Howard Kirk.

College Age (Annex) - “Walk Together / Live for Him” - It’s not easy to live a life different from those around you. Following Jesus is better when we walk together. Come find other twenty somethings trying to live for Him. Taught by Nathan Keene.

Senior Saints (Classroom A) - On August 4, 2019 we will begin a study of the Psalms using a book written by Casandra Martin, "ABCs of a Godly Heart.” She writes "Getting to know God starts as simply as learning the ABCs.” With each letter, we will explore the beauty of God's heart, the richness of His grace, and His passion for us. Every time we meet God, draw near to His throne, experience His mercy, rejoice in His presence, and rest in His love, our faith strengthens and our desire to be like Him deepens. Taught by Jim Nicks.

Spanish-Speaking Bible Class (Office Conference Room) - Various topics taught by Raul Garza.

Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Class (Classroom A) - Meets on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am. Studying the “Holiness of God”. Taught by Willie Crockett.

Bible Class Map

Classroom Map 10-4-2019.jpg