Adult Bible Classes

Adult Class 1 (Auditorium) - Currently exploring the Acts of the Apostles. Taught by Ezra Bettis.

Adult Class 2 (Classroom 1) - Currently studying the "one another" passages found in Scripture.  Taught by Howard Kirk and Richard Howard.

Adult Class 3 (Brick House Garage) - Currently studying "A Clash of Kingdoms" Paul Proclaims Jesus as Lord video series by Ray Vander Laan.  Taught by Whit Pennock.

Young Adults (Classroom 4) - Currently studying the Lord's Prayer.  Taught by Rob Long.  

Spanish-Speaking Class (Annex) - Currently exploring the Life of Moses. Taught by Clarence Owens.

Senior Adults (Classroom A) - Currently studying the Letter to the Romans.  Taught by Jim Nicks.

Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Class (Brick House) - This class will resume in September, Tuesday mornings at 9:30am and is led by Willie Crocket.

Bible Classroom Map