Adult Bible Classes

Adult Class 1 (Auditorium) - "Portrait of God" - Viewing the Divine through His work of Redemption. Taught by Darrell Hutson.  Jim Nicks will combine his class with the auditorium class until Darrell returns from vacation. 

Adult Class 2 (Classroom 1) - "Joshua" - Discussion class taught by Richard Howard.
Adult Class 3 (Brick House Garage) - "Messianic Prophecy and Its Fulfillment" - Taught by Whit Pennock.

Young Adults & Families (Classroom 4) - "The Big Picture" -  A chronological Bible study encompassing God's plan for His people as one great big story.  Unravel the mysteries of the Old and New Testaments with Christ interwoven throughout all scripture from creation to the cross, to us today.  Following the same lessons as the K-5th, parents will be equipped to reinforce these lessons at home throughout the week.   Taught by Howard Kirk.  

Senior Adults (Classroom A) - Currently studying the 1st and 2nd Peter. Taught by Jim Nicks.

Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Class (Annex) - Not meeting during the summer, but will resume in September. Taught by Willie Crockett.



Bible Classroom Map

Color-Coded Classroom Map.jpg